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Angelic Messenger

Shopping for an affordable used car pushes my not-very-patient-I-want-it-now- button. I started craving dark chocolate truffles – my default stress management coping strategy. Happily, I noticed the downward trend in my mood before I consumed a load of chocolate. I paused to notice my thoughts and took a breath. I chose instead to ask my inner wisdom for the next right step.

Feeling inspired, I pulled out my Angelic Messenger Flower cards. When I ask a question and allow Divine Love to guide the card I take from the deck, I usually get clarity and insight about my prayer request. I study the message that the flower card offers.

The beautiful lavender flower Trust card already sat on my nightstand from an earlier prayer request. But I wasn’t feeling it. I was doubting myself and doubting Divine Wisdom. I wanted an extra confirmation that I was on the right track.

“I would like help finding a car,” I declared simply.

I opened my heart to receive and selected a card from the Angelic Flower deck. The wild card of Divine Guidance. “Excellent! Thank you!” Divine Guidance will help me find the right next car.

“Now,” I said, “I would like help taking the next right actions in my business.”

A second time, I opened my heart to receive and selected another card from the deck without looking at it. My heart leapt joyfully!  The card in my hand was the other wild card of Divine Guidance!

Double Divine Guidance!!

Ok, then, I trust Double Divine Guidance to lead my choices this week. Divine Love, God, Spirit –  whatever name you give it – I’m yours!  

Bring it on! I am listening.